Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The start of something… Take 2

Hello there! I’ve got myself a gaming blog… This might sound familiar, because I just started one of these on another blogging platform. The problem was it was rubbish (well the free version anyway). Therefore, I've decided to move it and so we find ourselves here now instead. So if you read my other post before then there's nothing new to be found past this point..... here!

You might already know that I’ve got a regular blog which can be found at which I don’t update, so I figured why have just one blog doing nothing when I can have two!

Now I’m not really sure how this blog is going to pan out, it may be that I start with great enthusiasm and then let it languish as seems to be common practise. However, I will at least try to post something whenever I play a new game. Now that doesn’t mean there will be regular updates, sometimes I can go for weeks or months without playing anything at all.

The updated ugvm website at has spurred me into action, adding my own voice to the blogroll seemed like a good idea seeing as I was involved in its construction.

Sometimes I’ll post my own reviews, interesting things that I’ve played or more likely bemoan things in a very “grumpy old git” kind of way. After all, I am a grumpy old git so you shouldn’t expect anything else from me.

As the title of this post says, this is the start of something… What that is has yet to be determined, and it’s possible this start might turn out to be the end too. Why not subscribe to my feed and if I have anything worthwhile saying you’ll hear about it and if I don’t, we’ll you’ll hear about that too!